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136 fireflies, white reflective vinyl text (on upper panelling of traditional open courtyard)

site specific work / intervention

Lightning bugs are dwindling in numbers. Catching them and releasing them elsewhere helps to keep their numbers intact. During an artist residency in Medellin, Colombia, 136 lightning bugs were caught from the 19th century coffee plantation and residency house at Campos de Gutiérrez and then moved to a new habitat, in the historic district of Prado Centro at Plazarte. This site specific work was made in response to Plazarte’s house/ environment and for the exhibition, The House is set in its own Park, which aimed to highlight the importance of this independent cultural centre in a district lacking in parks and public spaces.

The 136 fireflies were released on the opening night.

Like a decorative ceramic tile, the white on brown text bordered the upper coving of the gallery’s traditional open courtyard, encircling it on all four sides. The text (also the title) was inscribed in Spanish and was made of a reflective vinyl which glistened by day and glowed by night.

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