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B o o k   C o n c e r t o   i n   O n e   A c t

Book Concerto comprises of the entirety of a book’s pages being simultaneously read and then turned to create an ensemble of pages in turn. The book as ‘instrument’ becomes accompanied by an orchestra of performers. The work explores the possibility for a whole novel to be read in the space of under five minutes, marked by a strange though poised silence, as the performers engage in a collective, public and tacit act of reading.

Through an extremely physical though ephemeral manifestation, Book Concerto in one Act makes sculptural an every day object. It also proposes ‘the book’ to be a duration rather than a fixed entity, giving it a dimensionality beyond its physical dimensions.

This work is sponsored and supported by Penguin Books.

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75 scored “Twitterature” Penguin books, 75 Penguin staff, 1 conductor

Penguin Books’ Head offices, London (in honour of Penguin Books 75th anniversary)

Performance for 34 books, 34 people, 1 conductor

Friche du Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Photo © Peter Venner and James Muldowney