M a y   I   d r a w   y o u r   a t t e n t i o n   t o   a   c a s t   e y e l a s h

18ct gold eyelash, 35mm temperatured slide, slide projector

Here in this exhibition lies an eyelash, cast in gold, blown from my index finger.

An eyelash, which is commonly associated with dust, is turned into a precious metal object, before being cast back to its dust like state. For over a year, the artist has been collecting her own eyelashes and turning them from dust to gold. A single golden eyelash is then blown into the exhibition space, and left to kick around on the dusty floor.

“from dust to gold back to dust”

This incredibly minimal, almost invisible work is the result of multiple processes and gestures, and ultimately wishes to question the status, appearance and value of the art object today, by exploring this gap between both the presence and non-presence of artworks.

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