P e t i t   p o i d s

pea, resin

A pea turned pebble, placed under the mattress of the bed.

Site specific intervention in the curators’/ collectors’ 17th century apartment.

A very minimal, practically invisible gesture, this intervention nevertheless quietly and scrupulously ponders Hans Christian Anderson’s literary fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea and other literary references to ‘pebbles’ (Cicero, Joyce, Beckett, Chesterton, Japanese proverbs).

Petit poi(d)s, in French, significantly both refers to a ‘pea’ and to a ‘tiny measure/unit of weight’.

A playful pun intended to identify one’s physical sensitivity, this scruple begs to sculpturally consider not only Anderson’s delightful tale but also that of the wider role, task and consequence of art.

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