P l a y   i n   S i x   A c t s .

A play / Edition of six books

Play in Six Acts. is a book/ script/ play/ score/ (sound) object.

It performs its intention (the play itself) in the very act of reading and turning of its pages. (By mirroring what the book (script), as an object, instructs.)

It plays.

But it also invites the potential for a play. (for a live performance) - and has been performed in both theatre and gallery venues across the UK.

Play in Six Acts. blurs the boundaries between script and play. Between ‘a’ play and ‘for’ play. It also accentuates the very composition of a book and the sound it makes.

Play in Six Acts. is therefore a book, sound, event.

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Play in Six Acts. A piece for six players and six editions.

Performance, Garage Theatre, London