c h o o n   /   v .   P h i l o l .

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Newly authored word (verb) inserted to date in the following contemporary contexts:

-in print: The Guardian, Art World Magazine, Crux Desperationis I (view)

-on air: BBC Radio, Resonance fm, Real Radio

-online: UbuWeb

-word of mouth

Choon is a verb. It is a verb that in some senses describes itself - by directly relating to language and to the very use of language. To how language is used, spoken, metamorphosised (and undone to begin again).

The word was first spotted in Samuel Beckett’s novel Watt. He used it (spelt it) phonetically to imply the verb to “tune” - but with a Dublin accent. However, I would argue that it was no mistake that Beckett would choose to specifically tune the verb “tune”. Afterall, he was a frequent ‘tuner’ of language.

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choon  /  t∫υn  / v. Philol.  1 (words) a to tune and untune. b to fine tune. c to chew.