i n t o   t h i n   a i r

audio event (duration variable)

100+ gr weather balloon, helium, mp3 player, satellite phones, cb radios

Live transmission of a “sounding” balloon’s flight (otherwise termed weather balloon).

The weather balloon becomes a vessel for sound - an instrument to emit, transmit and also create music. As the balloon travels upwards, it expands. The private space of performance within morphs the sound as it gains altitude, reverberating a distinct yet disparate tune. The music bounces, bends, dissipates, vanishes and echoes inside the expanding space of the balloon. The trajectory - of sound in flight - is transmitted live via radio.

The weather balloon bears its name, ‘sounding’ as it blows onwards... until it finally bursts.

*Flight durations vary according to weather conditions and the scale of the weather balloon selected.

**The audio or music “played” inside the balloon is expressly selected for each new ‘flight’. Listen to an extract of Mozart’s Requiem.

This project was first created for the decommissioned terminal at the Cork International Airport, Ireland, as part of the exibition Terminal Convention.

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